Toyota presented a robot working on artificial intelligence after the end of the first half of the basketball match that brought the United States and France together, within the framework of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, to astonish the audience after recording shots from the middle of the field.
And the Toyota Engineering Society had created the robot “Q” in 2018, with features that enable it to shoot with an accuracy of up to 100 percent. “Q” uses sensors to calculate the distance, angle and force of the shot, and adjusts the motors in its arms to send the ball into the air at the correct angle. The appropriate payment for registration.
And the "Washington Post" reported that it is unclear how independent the movement of the approximately two-meter-long robot is, and whether someone is directing it from a distance, given that it is slow in movement and moves on wheels.
And "Q" is not the only robot present during the Olympic Games, as "Toyota" created machines to transport people to retrieve balls in sports that require the ball to be thrown. The "Washington Post" considered it a major step for artificial intelligence that the company started in 2015 with an investment of up to one billion dollars.