Sandy beaches and clear waters are no longer the only element that attracts tourists on the northern coasts of Egypt. A new invention is the first locally made vehicle in the form of a car that travels over water, launched in Egypt this year.
3 friends of technology pioneers in Egypt launched the first homemade vehicle in the form of a car that travels over water.
It is one of the inventors of this car, "Karim Amin", who has always wanted to implement this project.
After talking to his friend, Mr. El-Minshawi, they planned to manufacture this car with the best resources from Egypt.
Thus, the car was made with Egyptian resources, except for the Japanese-made engine.
12 cars have been produced so far, and friends received many orders after its unveiling.
The production of one car takes 3 weeks and its price ranges between 19 and 45,000 dollars.
They are now working on producing new models of this car, in addition to trying to make it run on land as well," and exporting it to foreign markets.