An essential fashion statement, leopard print adorned Christian Dior’s designs starting with his very first collection unveiled in 1947. This flecked motif, then called “Jungle,” appeared on an ensemble of the same name and on the Reynold evening gown. Following its success, it since has been reinterpreted season after season by the House’s successive Artistic Directors, oscillating between restraint and excess, discreet details and opulence. In homage to Mizza Bricard, Monsieur Dior’s muse of muses, creations designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the Fall 2021 line are in turn adorned with a version of the print, newly reinvented with excellence of savoir-faire. Synonymous with freedom, leopard print graces House icons such as the Bar jacket or the Saddle, Lady D-Lite and Dior Book Tote bags. Also featured on Baby Dior creations as well as on decorative objects and tableware by Dior Maison, this bold motif celebrates irresistibly modern elegance.

Source: Tanja Beljanski