Created for British mobility specialists Access BDD, Flow X is meant to not only be useful and technologically advanced but also to look attractive in the home.
The chair allow to take up less space on the stairs when not in use, they cradle the user to give a natural sense of safety, and they rotate forwards to create a good surface for users to push up from or steady themselves on when sitting down.
The arms open fully outwards on either side, so wheelchair users can slide across into the chair. The folding mechanism is either manual or automatic, depending on the model.
There is also a patented swivel mechanism that makes the chair and footrest rotate together, maintaining the optimal distance between the chair and the staircase and keeping the user from twisting their body.
The chair has a laminated timber backrest that should complement 20th-century furnishings.
Built into the folding arms, Flow X's controls are meant to be simple and intuitive to use. These include a joystick that can be easily manipulated by either the hand or wrist, and an emergency call button that can be linked to up to three phone numbers.