Apple announced a new model of the Apple TV to replace the Apple TV 4K that was introduced in 2017, according to The Verge.
The new model retains the name of the previous model, but comes with a more powerful "Biontech" chip that allows it to play HDR videos at higher rates.
The new device is also powerful enough to support Dolby Vision playback at 60 frames per second via Airplay.
The old Apple TV4K, which was Apple's flagship set-top box for four years, supports 4K broadcasting in addition to HDR, including Dolby Vision. It also supports Dolby Atmos audio codecs, but it did not support 120Hz refresh rates, which might be important if you want to play high-end video games on Apple TV.
Apple has also completely redesigned the remote control for its new device, with an improved design, more comfort and more capabilities.
The new remote control is thicker than the previous model, and it has a new five-way touch control unit instead of the scroll panel.
The device also has a convenient power button to turn off the TV.
Source: Al Horra