The American General Motors Corporation has unveiled a fully electric Hummer SUV at a price of $ 110,000. It will be available in the market in 2023 and will be an additional option for the upcoming Hummer pickup, which is scheduled to go on sale this fall, according to CNBC. "
The distance that can be covered by the Hummer SUV when the battery is fully charged ranges between 250 miles and more than 300 miles (483 kilometers), and it can accelerate from zero to percent in 3.5 seconds, and the power of the electric motors reaches 830 horsepower.
Prices will range between 80 and 110 thousand dollars, depending on the model, specifications and battery size, and GM has opened the door to booking the car on its website.
The new car features a "crab" mode, which allows the driver to rotate the four wheels simultaneously, and features an autonomous driving system.