Italian astronomers have identified the safest places to live in the Milky Way, based on several criteria.
Scientists have conducted studies about the safest places in the galaxy, which do not contain strong cosmic explosions, which would threaten life near them, according to the "Live Science" website.
These explosions, like supernovas and gamma-ray bursts, emit high-energy particles, and other radiation, that can shred DNA and kill life.
Until about 6 billion years ago, the galaxy was regularly annihilated by massive explosions.
And with the age of the galaxy, such explosions became less common, according to the "Life Science" report.
Today, the central regions of the galactic center, which lie in a ring distant from the center of the galaxy in a region between 6,500 light years and 26,000 light years away, are the safest areas for life in the galaxy.
As for the center of the galaxy itself, it frequently witnesses stellar explosions and other cosmic explosions, while terrestrial planets and gamma-ray bursts decrease at the edges of the center.
Fortunately for humans, the galactic areas close to us will become safer and more viable in the long term, and extreme life threatening phenomena will become less with time, according to the scientists.