A study conducted by astronomers at the University of Arizona, published Tuesday by the American Geophysical Union, indicates that the UFO does not resemble a cigar as it was also thought, but rather is in the form of a large red circular biscuit.
She adds that it may have originated outside our solar system because its speed and trajectory suggest it was not orbiting the sun or anything else.
And it appears that the UFO, which was the first to pass through our solar system, is 148 feet (45 meters) long and made of frozen nitrogen, as the study authors, Alan Jackson and Stephen Dish, believe that a collision caused a piece of ice covered in nitrogen to fall before 500 million A year and send this piece towards our star system.
Scientists believe that the red remains are part of the original piece, and its outer layers were evaporated by cosmic radiation, and recently by the action of the sun.
It was named Oumuamua, in honor of the observatory in Hawaii that discovered it in 2017.
The study also indicated that the object is currently outside Uranus' orbit, more than two billion miles (3.2 billion km) away, and too small to be seen, even with the Hubble Space Telescope.