More than 30 light installations will be showcased this weekend across the capital in the new annual Light of Riyadh festival.
The festival will be a platform to display the city’s creativity and talent through intricate installations.
More than 60 international and Saudi artists have created installations for the 17-day event, which also brings together contemporary and modern art.
It starts on March 18 and runs until April 3 in different venues across the city. It features an interactive show with outdoor sculptures, workshops, volunteering opportunities, cinematic shows, and educational talks.
There will also be a music show hosted by MDL Beast Freqways, a streaming platform, with performances from Hats & Klaps, Kayan, and DesertF!sh.
The festival is the first to be organized by the Riyadh Art program as part of Vision 2030 initiatives to promote culture and art.
Its theme is “Under the Sky” and expresses hope for a brighter future as the world recovers from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.
Many of the installations will be sculptures that shed light on their surroundings, both indoors and out.
Source: Lama Alhamawi