Dutch inventor Le Ottens, who created the cassette tape, passed away at the age of 94, as Utens created the first cassette tape in 1963, and an estimated 100 billion people have been sold worldwide since then, which led people to listen to music in The twentieth century, what made it so easy to enjoy the rhythms anytime they were recorded on a cassette tape.
According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the Ottens family announced his death in his hometown of Duisel, and Utens became the head of the product development division of one of the major technology companies in 1960, where he and his team developed the cassette tape, before presenting their creativity at the Radio Berlin Electronics Show in the year 1960. 1963.
After several Japanese companies began reproducing similar tapes, Utens struck a deal with two technology companies that saw his model be patented.
Ottens was also a co-creator of the compact disc (CD) in the 1980s, alongside his work on cassette tape development. Speaking in 1982, Utens said, "From now on, the traditional tape player is out of date," referring to developments after him.