Dutch actress Sten Fransen got a tattoo, through a 5G machine that is managed by the artist remotely, as part of the marketing plan of the telecommunications company "T-Mobile Netherlands".
Artist Wes Thomas drew Francine’s tattoos from a distance, using an intelligent robotic arm that was used to locate and draw the tattoo on the woman’s hand.
London-based engineer Noel Drew notes that the parts were designed specifically for the robot, which took several weeks to develop, according to Futurism.
He adds that experiments were conducted on fruits and vegetables, before the robot was ready for human use and the first tattoo was drawn on the hand of Francine. Drew made sure to observe the surface of Fransen's arm, to make sure the needle was not inserted too much.
While the operation was a success, Dutch telecom company T-Mobile launched the 5G network, based on the speed of robots in remote control.