Since 2007, Berlin-based artist Jan Vormann has used tens of thousands of LEGO bricks to patch crumbling holes in architectural structures around the world. His colorful bricks imitate the brick or cobblestone-constructed buildings he often “repairs,” however at a miniature scale. Some pieces have just a few dozen LEGOs incorporated into an installation, while others cover zig-zagging expanses that reach across entire walls.
Recently the artist took his Dispatchwork project to Stavanger, Norway where he participated in the 17th iteration of Nuart Festival. Vormann placed LEGOs into structures with missing grout, filled in bricks that have fallen out of walls, and built around cornerstones which have eroded over time. Vormann encourages others to join him in his playful additions to cities across the globe, and as built an interactive website to track new additions from Cape Town to Seoul. You can follow his miniature constructions, including a new installation at the Venice Architecture Biennal, by following him on Instagram. (via Juxtapoz)