A simple Chinese young man found no way to express his love and passion for his lover except to build her a "love island" in the hope that she would accept his marriage, before he received a strong shock in his rejection.
The 30-year-old said that he spent about 16 thousand dollars, which is all his savings, to make "Love Island", which is a beautiful garden full of flowers, especially those of cherry and peach trees, which symbolize love and adoration in Chinese culture.
It took him about a year before he finished creating this very scenic park, and he used a specialized team to build an arched bridge between the small island and the mainland of the village.
The garden also features a swing and a heart-shaped stone-paved path.
Chu's friend had decided to end her relationship with her loved ones after the latter's decision to leave the city in which they lived to return to his village in order to take care of his parents, who had reached an old age and were in need of care and attention from their only son.
Despite the sad end, however, that park has become a place of pilgrimage for lovers and tourists from different regions, and some of them offered to marry their friends there.