French luxury brand Louis Vuitton is bringing two rare diamonds for the first time in the region by showcasing them at the Dubai Mall in the UAE.
The fashion house’s display, which runs until March 8, will display the “Sewelo,” the 1,758-carat rough diamond considered the second-largest ever discovered.
Discovered in April 2019 at the Karowe mine in Botswana, the baseball-sized gem got its name after a competition among Botswana citizens, with “Sewelo” which means “rare find” in Setswana, the winning entry.
The second stone is the “Sethunya,” which is estimated to be over a billion years old.
The 549-carat gemstone is distinguished by its purity, high color and high luster.
Visitors will also find on show pieces from the Riders of the Knights collection, which is a homage to medieval heroines.