The American company "Boulos", based in California and specializing in the manufacture of mobile homes, has created a new house with modern technology that enables its users to live in complete luxury, in addition to safety from the emerging corona virus thanks to air filters and filters that kill viruses and germs, as well as UVC lighting that kills germs that disinfect surfaces. It is called "Terra Ferma" and has been described as a "premium travel trailer," but it is not cheap, with a price of $ 265,000.
The house includes a bedroom that can be converted from two separate beds into a wonderful large bed, and the house can accommodate four people, and has a main cabin, kitchen and electrical outlets.
The mobile home weighs 3,200 pounds, is 25 feet long and over six feet wide, and has remote temperature monitoring and dog beds.
In addition to air filters and UV lighting, the house has a water filtration system, trailer interiors are "carefully coordinated" and the trailer can be towed through the largest variety of vehicles in any travel trailer, including electric vehicles (EVs). .
In terms of technology, the trailer features "intelligent triple axle brake control, motion-sensitive accelerometer, and provides highly responsive and smooth braking for any tow truck without any modifications".