The "YouTube" site announced the expansion of the scope of parental control over teenagers through a new feature coming targeting those who exceeded the limits of the "YouTube Kids" platform, according to what was reported by the technical site "Engadget".
According to the report, YouTube will provide a public trial version of the supervised accounts feature in the next few months, where parents will be able to choose between three content settings through supervised Google accounts.
The first, Explore, will allow parents to allow children to access a wider range of videos on the site (more than those for young children). This will open a set of videos that YouTube says are generally suitable for children over the age of nine, and include vlogs, game clips, music videos, news and educational content.
The second "Explore More" setting, aimed at teens, will feature a wider range of videos, including live broadcasts of the type of content featured in Explore. Most of YouTube's options are self-explanatory, as it blocks age-restricted videos but will give older teens access to almost everything on the platform.
Parents will be able to monitor their children's viewing and search history. They can still enable other restrictions through Family Link, including time limits.