American scientists were able to clone the first species of a weasel that is threatened with extinction in the United States, through the genes of an animal that died 30 years ago.
The cloned animal was named Elizabeth Ann, and it was born on December 10, and the news of its cloning was announced Thursday, according to a report by the American Associated Press.
Anne was cloned and raised at a black-footed fish and wildlife facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
The cloned animal is a copy of a dead doll called "Willa", which passed away in 1988, and its remains were frozen with the advent of DNA technology, at the time.
The "Associated Press" report indicated that cloning could lead to the return of extinct species of homing pigeons, and this technology holds promise in helping endangered animals such as the Mongolian wild horse, which was cloned and was born in a facility in Texas.