The Kano Crystal River is one of the most unusual landscapes in the world, and it attracts many tourists to discover it and take its most beautiful pictures.
It is also called "a river of five colors" or "the river that escaped from paradise", because of the amazing mixture of colors that appears in its waters during a period of the year.
This river, which is classified in the strangest five regions in the world, is located in the Sierra de los Macarena, located in the Macarena mountain range in the northern part of Colombia, and specifically in a remote area that is difficult to reach by land. Its length reaches about a hundred kilometers and its width reaches about twenty meters.
The amazing thing is that this river is normal most of the year, so it cannot be distinguished from any other river, as a layer of rocks covered with pale green algae can be seen below a cold water stream. However, in wet seasons, the scenery is different as its waters burst into vibrant colors.