A bunch of expressive images that spread in the news last week and were taken by camera lenses from around the world ...
Lava spewed by the crater of Europe's most active volcanoes from Mount Etna in Italy.
The 135th celebration of Earth Mouse Day in Pontxutowney, Pennsylvania, USA. According to folklore, residents of these areas expect an additional six weeks of winter because the weather-predicted rat saw its shadow as it emerged from its burrow and returned to it from time to time to wait until the winter ends.
Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain was covered in snow by a snowstorm that struck the American East Coast, leaving New York City frozen.
A young fisherman performs an exercise while his colleagues prepare their nets for their fishing, in the coastal Jawal Fadeeth region of Senegal.
Photos taken by visitors to the annual Dalia Dreams flower fair in Singapore, on Chinese New Year's Eve.