With most of Saudi Arabia’s residents reeling from the cold, the Kingdom’s southwestern islands are basking in the warm sun, enticing many to head south.
The small archipelago, made up of 84 coral islands, are approximately 40 km off the coast of Jazan in the Red Sea and is considered one of the Kingdom’s most pristine areas.
It was chosen as one of the Saudi Tourism Authority’s (STA) 17 Saudi Winter Season destinations.
From mangroves to white sandy beaches, the islands are an ideal spot for bird watchers looking to get a peak at over 165 migrating birds.
Divers make their way around the bright colored corals and wanderers look for glimpses of history hidden in the villages’ old stone buildings that dot the islands, including the remains of an ancient Ottoman castle overlooking the coastline.
The bright turquoise waters are also home to dolphins, over 200 types of fish and if lucky, visitors can catch a glimpse of the dugongs that are native to the area.