The world’s first expansive theme park based on the beloved game company has announced that its doors will open on February 4, featuring an interactive Mario Kart theme park ride.
Located in Osaka, the park will bring to life the worlds, characters, and adventures that gamers have grown to love over the years, with the grand opening of Super Nintendo World set to kick off Universal Studios Japan’s year-long 20th-anniversary celebration. Super Nintendo World will feature Mario Kate and Yoshi-themed rides and attractions, as well as restaurants, shops and other experiences. A colorful and interactive area offers a new theme park experience that lets guests immerse themselves in the world by wearing a Power-Up Band that brings gameplay to life and allows them to keep score. Guests with a Power-Up Band can punch enemies and blocks, collect virtual coins and do more than makes it seem as if they are playing Super Mario in the real world.
Universal Studios Japan is currently operating at a restricted capacity and fully implementing strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, with visitors being provided ample personal space, with wait times for popular attractions being comparatively short.