It seems that the appearance of strange things in unexpected places will become commonplace, as recently the head of a mysterious statue that appears to be ancient appeared on the shores of Vasilievsky Island in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
And social media filled with pictures of this statue discovered earlier in December, but no one knew where it came from until now.
After a period of controversy, the local news site MR7 revealed the mysterious origins of the head, indicating that it was located in the offices of another news site in St. Petersburg, the news site "Subaka".
The site said, "Subaka" used the giant head as a decoration during his party last year in St. Petersburg, where guests stood in front of the famous head during an award ceremony, and pictures were posted on social media.
The statue, made of slightly rigid foam material, was first found near a garbage bin in the streets of Uralskaya, near the offices of Subaka last spring before disappearing for months and reappearing on Vasilievsky Island on December 10.
In the weeks after the head statue appeared on Vasilievsky Island, it became a staple item on Instagram, especially for locals in Saint Petersburg, giving the statue a second life.