Ateliers Jean Nouvel and the Royal Commission for AlUla have unveiled new design exposés showcasing Jean Nouvel’s daring new concept for Sharaan by Jean Nouvel in AlUla, northwest Saudi Arabia. Built inside the rock dwellings of the Sharaan Nature Reserve, the masterpiece is a world-first in contextual architecture that pushes the boundaries of design.
With monumental outlines carved into the rocks that sustainably respect and preserve AlUla’s landscape, the designs draw on the nearby Nabataean wonders of Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
The 2,000-year-old architectural legacy is being revived by the mastermind behind Louvre Abu Dhabi for potentially the first time since the Nabataeans carved into the region’s millions-of-years-old sandstone rock.
The new Nouvel resort, set to be completed by 2024, will include 40 guest suites, three resort villas and public spaces. A retreat summit centre near the resort, which will draw on emission-free power and new standards in sustainability, will feature 14 private pavilions.