Mar Mikhael, one of the neighborhoods most devastated during the Beirut Port explosion, has been the center of various humanitarian initiatives and fundraisers since August 4th.
The auction will feature 70 pieces of art by more than 50 Lebanese and foreign artists on the online bidding platform Artscoops.
Featured artists include Raouf Rifai (Lebanese), Anas Homsi (Syrian), Ghazi Baker (Lebanese), Helen Zughaib (Lebanese-American), Sandra Detourbet (French), Claire
Wiltsher (British), Ahmed Farid (Egyptian), and numerous others.
The arts are already displayed online at Art Li Beirut, which auction will run from Tuesday, October 27th, 12 PM Beirut time, until November 5th.
This is an exciting opportunity for art lovers to acquire beautiful artwork while supporting the efforts to revive this important area of Beirut and its heritage and lifestyle.