Lebanese director Nadine Labaki revealed at the El Gouna Film Festival that she has filmed everything in Beirut since the August 4 explosion, and added that she does not know where it will lead, or whether it will lead anywhere at any time, but she needs to capture what is happening and that despite the tragedy She remains optimistic.
Labaki became a star for the first time in 2007 after the release of her first movie "Caramel" - a soapy film about five befriended women at a Beirut salon.
Her latest movie, "Kfar nahum," sheds light on the extreme poverty in Beirut. Set against the backdrop of the sprawling favelas of the city, the 2018 film made its international debut at Cannes and was nominated for an Academy Award in the International Fiction Film category, beautifully captures the pre-existing chaos of present-day Beirut.
Although it is unclear how the footage of Bucky would take shape, one could certainly expect a shocking and moving cinematic piece, if her previous work was any indication.