Last February, Milan Fashion Week happened in an uncomfortable atmosphere. Covid-19 was causing its first damage in Europe, especially in the Lombardy region. When showcasing the first pieces of its collaboration with London-based accessory brand CHAOS on the Fall / Winter 2021 stand, Fendi certainly didn't expect this project to take on much meaning in the coming months. Because just a few days after the event, Italy, like the majority of its European neighbors, closed its borders and restricted its population. Then technology became the only way to communicate with loved ones.
After the lull and a moderately quiet summer, the rules were tightened in many European countries, pushing them back into daily life troubled by the crisis. In this context, Fendi and CHAOS launched their small collection, inspired by the iconic accessories of old Hollywood glamor. Born from a mutual love of retro wrappers and evening bags, the models envisioned by the two brands merge perforated and engraved metallic shapes with the Italian house's expertise in leather, satin accents, and distinct logos, transforming a smartphone, watch, or even wireless headphones into real jewels. Each of the pieces is specially designed to be attached to your belt, purse, or worn around your neck.
Source: Fadia Salibi