Chinese architecture studios Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab have designed an array of 18 timber cabins clad in mirrors for a hotel in Yichang, Hubei province.
Scattered over the mountainside between the trees, each cabin is an individual hotel room, complemented by communal buildings that have a cafe and a swimming pool.
Wiki World and +Advanced Architecture Lab developed five different cabin typologies for the hotel, which caters to tourists visiting the region.
Sometimes the structures are shrouded in mist, giving the project the name Mountain and Cloud Cabins.
The bridge cabins are 14 meters long and are suspended above the tea fields with their own balconies.
When approached from behind, the reflective surfaces on the exterior make the cabins appear as if they are an alien craft with invisible cloaking technology.
Cabins down in the tea fields are called T cabins and Y cabins after the shape of their plans. They both have what Wiki World describes as a viewfinder layout, with all of their rooms orientated in different directions and large picture windows framing views of the valley below.
The final cabin types are the F cabins, which are square in plan and have multiple levels with terraces and balconies overlooking the scenery.