Denmark’s education system has included mandatory classes teaching empathy to their students aged 6 to 16 since 1993, where students learn to help their classmates and compete only with themselves. 
It’s safe to say the Danes are a happy bunch. In fact, Denmark has consistently ranked in the top three happiest countries in the world in the UN’s World Happiness report over the past seven years. The secret to their happiness may stem from their education system where, in 1993 the Denmark education curriculum introduced mandatory empathy classes.
For one hour each week, the children have empathy lessons during ‘Klassens tid’ or ‘The Class’s Hour’. Set for a special time once a week, and a core part of the curriculum, the purpose is the students to come together in a relaxed and comfortable setting to discuss any problems they may be having and the class tries to find a solution. Klassens tid, is the students’ opportunity to be heard and receive encouragement and inspiration from others through listening and simultaneously learn the importance of mutual respect.